Tiny Kanji Story Maker

Hi everyone, as a newcomer I wanted to try something easy and fun to do. So I made gpt-3 do some tiny stories using kanji. App takes kanji meaning and uses it on the story it makes.

At first I wanted stories to be fun but GPT-3 isn’t the best comedian and sometimes writes sensitive things. So I added “polite” to make them more light hearted . First example of the V5 is only tweaked a bit by me, others are AI made. Feel free to give advice if you know a way to improve the app.

here is the older versions:
V4: OpenAI API
V3: OpenAI API
V2: OpenAI API
V1: OpenAI API


This one of the coolest project I’ve seen. I tried to create a story with a word made of two kanji (電車). I used curie-instruct instead of davinci. This is the result:

polite story: A girl was riding in a train when she saw her friend in the next car. She waved to get her attention, but she kept on sleeping and did not notice her friend. So the girl tried again and again, but every time she would wake up the person next to her! The girl got really mad and finally left without saying anything.(train)


That is incredible, I’m glad you found it cool. Thanks for telling me curie-instruct works I’ll be sure to try it. Also I’ll try to create better examples because that train story is cooler than my butterfly or flower story.

Idea first came to me after I read an article about creating mnemonics for kanji. While I think someone should create their own stories to remember it better, This app can be a quick way to create them and have fun reading them if someone wants too.

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