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Lnu-AI is an Artificial Intelligence system developed to serve as a bridge between the Mi’kmaq language and AI. This platform is rooted in the deep commitment to cultural preservation, leveraging modern technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to aid in the revitalization of the Mi’kmaq language.

We are excited to offer the stand-alone Storyteller feature. This has all the same story generation logic from the Lnu-AI system.

Storytelling holds a revered place in Indigenous cultures, passing on the richness of history and creating narratives for future generations to treasure.

With immense pride, I announce the launch of Lnu-AI Storyteller, powered by OpenAI GPT-4-0613 API. This innovative system has been meticulously pre-trained and fine-tuned with all recorded Mi’kmaq words, expressed both in writing and through the voice translations from native speakers.

By entering a single English word, this program unfurls a vivid, detail-oriented story, accompanied by expressive illustrations crafted by a unique logical process that culminates with colorful and vibrant images using Dall-E API. In the background the program translates and finds the most fitting Mi’kmaq word matches, and generates an engaging narrative in English that are told by including Mi’kmaq themes and meanings.

While English translations is the default translation, the incorporation of gTTS technology enables Lnu-AI Storyteller to narrate captivating tales in over 116 different languages!

In the Mi’kmaq language, A’tugwewinu signifies ‘storyteller’. It’s an honor to present to you, the heartwarming tales of the Mi’kmaq people.

You can enjoy the Storyteller feature by clicking the link below.
Streamlit App

Story Feature Overview

The Storyteller feature of Lnu-AI represents a blend of tradition and technology, aimed at preserving the age-old practice of storytelling in the Mi’kmaq culture while leveraging the state-of-the-art capabilities of AI. By utilizing advanced natural language processing and machine learning, the Storyteller feature creates a platform where users can interact, learn, and connect deeply with the Mi’kmaq language and culture just by entering a single word.


  • AI-Powered Narrations: The Storyteller feature uses the Embedded Mi’kmaq Corpus and then uses AI to bring to life vibrant narratives that are richly infused with Mi’kmaq phrases, words, and concepts, creating a unique linguistic experience for users.

  • Story Sessions: The feature allows for engaging and interactive story sessions that are randomly selected, ensuring that each story has different themes and context.

  • Cultural Preservation: By generating stories in both the Mi’kmaq and English language, the feature serves as an effective tool for cultural preservation, facilitating language learning and fostering a deeper appreciation of Mi’kmaq culture.

The project is located at:


Very cool… This is a great use for AI :slight_smile:


This feature is awesome and culturally relevant. Imagine the possibilities for orher culture dialects.