Showcase of Function Calling: Story Telling conversational app with image generation


Today, I present to you an application for the function calling API through the creation of a conversational app with a new concept.

The app I present today is called “Story Telling”. The user determines the age and topic of the story, and the app composes a chapter of the story with a suitable image. It then asks the user what they expect to happen next, and based on the answer, it composes the second chapter with a new image.

The app provides the “generate_image” function to GPT. GPT composes the chapter and a description of the image, and it requests the creation of an image based on that description.

I used an external image generation API to generate the images.

I developed the app based on my open-source project, Conversational App Engine, which I updated to support the function calling feature.

The “Story Telling” app is available in the project’s demo apps. You can access the code, download it, and give it a try.

I am still convinced that GPT technology holds many opportunities, and I encourage all developers to give it a try, even if it’s just for exploration. I believe that many developers will seriously consider it when they realize how easy it is.

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