My usage tiers didn't upgrade

I spent 100 dollars but my usage tiers didn’t upgrade.
It has been 7 days passed, but my tiers is still at rank 1.

I try to contact help center but the chat bot only gave me a expired form for limit increase.

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Hey there - i’m having the same issue.

Did OpenAI Support come back to you at all with a solution? I too am waiting a response…

thank you! Alfred solved the issue quickly.

Same here, I’m stuck on usage tier 1 for quite some time now, even though I have spent more than 110 USD and have the account for about 3 months now…

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have you raised this with the support bot in the bottom right corner of

i did,

“Thank you for sharing further details. The team will follow up with an update as soon as possible.”

guess I have to wait.


Any news on this? I have no progression on tiers either - should be on 3, but still stuck on 1

Tier only seems to be recalculated when making a new payment.

Pay an initial $101 into the system: You’ll not move up tiers even after the payment has aged past two weeks…

Follow up that mature payment with another $5: recalculation based on the total amount paid to OpenAI for the life of the account.

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Can confirm. After payment, I moved directly on to Tier 3 :+1: :partying_face:

I am on a single user$20 paid plan. How can I increase my daily usage limit?

By your mention of the amount $20, and the use of the word “plan”, I think you might be referring to ChatGPT, rather than the API, which has a completely separate billing system to pay for your usage.

ChatGPT Plus usage of GPT-4 is measured on a shorter interval, such as three hours.

The only way to increase that GPT-4 limit is to upgrade to a multi-user team plan, more per seat and more total.

API billing is completely separate.

The API has very few limits actually measured as “per day”. You can review the tiers and rate limits guide, where your past purchases of credits and billings are what increases your trust level tier. $5 starts you at 500 gpt-4-turbo requests per minute, emptying that balance within a minute if you want.

i do the same thing, and it’s work.

my case:
i top up $100 in the first time.
later, spent more than $50 on api usage, but my account still in tier 1.
after i top up my account credit, suddenly upgraded to tier 3

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