My usage tiers didn't upgrade

I spent 100 dollars but my usage tiers didn’t upgrade.
It has been 7 days passed, but my tiers is still at rank 1.

I try to contact help center but the chat bot only gave me a expired form for limit increase.

Hey there - i’m having the same issue.

Did OpenAI Support come back to you at all with a solution? I too am waiting a response…

thank you! Alfred solved the issue quickly.

Same here, I’m stuck on usage tier 1 for quite some time now, even though I have spent more than 110 USD and have the account for about 3 months now…

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have you raised this with the support bot in the bottom right corner of

i did,

“Thank you for sharing further details. The team will follow up with an update as soon as possible.”

guess I have to wait.