This bug is back. Has anybody seen it?

The bug happened before. It was fixed. Now, it is back again.

I hope the OpenAI engineers have fully understood the nature of this bug.

By the way, it may be a red herring, but it also happened last time when it was approaching the weekend.

See the original report:


I’ve been having the same problem since Friday, I hope the bug at least gets fixed.

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Hi all!
I found the way to solve it meanwhile. Open a new hidden tab, send the prompt and then F5. When you update the tab the response is there. Tell me if it works for you!
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Thanks for trying this sort of things. Sorry, I don’t think it is the way to “solve” the problem.

If you press F5 too early, you won’t see the result. Even if it works, an average user won’t have the patience to do that all the time.

The issue prevents us from publishing our GPTs. If users have to suffer from this problem, they may assume our GPTs are lousy. Once your reputation is ruined, they may never come back to your GPTs again.


I also think that this is not the way to finally solve it. But it worked for me while I needed an urgent help in my work and thought that could help another ones in the same situation.

Thanks for your suggest!

In my case this solution helped me. Of course it is not the final solution, but it allowed me to continue using GPT with a project. It is preferable to continuously press F5 than not be able to use GPT.

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Refer to the other thread for a better workaround: disabling the IPv6.