The REST Call GetModels does not deliver GPT4 ?!

I’m confused. I have a ChatGPT PLUS account and writing an app using the REST API .
So far I’m able to create chat/completions using the model “gpt-3.5-turbo-16k-0613”.
Despite to the fact that they announced that ChatGpt4 is available for all with a ChatGpt PLUS account the result of a RestCall to fetch the models does NOT CONTAIN any GPT4 model ?!

Any help appreciated.
$regs Ray

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ChatGPT and the API are two separate systems, Having ChatGPT Plus does not give you GPT-4 API access, that is for API users who have paid at least one API bill on their API account, if you have not done that yet then you will get GPT-4 API access by the end of the month.

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Well we have paid our API bill and I don’t seem to be able to access any GPT 4 models via the API ??? We have the latest GPT 4 code interpreter on our chatGPT accounts.

Understood, well there are millions of developers and I would imagine the access is being rolled out as it has been for all other updates. Roll out by definition means that not everyone will have access instantly and with it being a weekend, I could see it taking several days into next week for it to finish.

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thanks for the reply - yeah true and I am in the UK. I noticed that when I lived in the USA these types of things always seemed to come to me faster…:wink:

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You will receive an email when you have it, so you wont need to keep checking available models for your information.

THX Foxabilo for the clarification ! Looks like I NEED AI :smiley:

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