API says gpt-4 model doesn't exist

When I try to call the chat endpoint with the model gpt-4, I get the following error back:

{"error": {"code": "model_not_found", "message": "The model: `gpt-4` does not exist", "param": null, "type": "invalid_request_error"}}

Here is the request I’m making (which works with gpt-3.5-turbo:

{"frequency_penalty":0.5,"messages":[{"content":"write a limerick","role":"user"}],"model":"gpt-4","presence_penalty":0.5,"user":"123"}

I have been paying for calls to the OpenAI chat API for months now.


gpt-4 has been in limited access. Just today they announced:

Today all existing API developers with a history of successful payments can access the GPT-4 API with 8K context. We plan to open up access to new developers by the end of this month, and then start raising rate-limits after that depending on compute availability.

Unknown how fast they will be enabling GPT-4 access for developers, may just need to wait a day or so. You can check if it is available via the list models endpoint.


Thanks, I figured it should work since it says as of today they will open up to people with successful payments, of which I am a part of. I will try to wait longer and see.


Hi is it working for you now? I still get gpt-4 not listed as an available model. Also a paying customer for months.


Still getting the same issue, I guess we should just wait, i guess it was just an announcement to beat the deadline haha

I got access to it, and they said I got access because my account has made at least one successful payment. However, I was also on the waitlist, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it. Here’s the email I got:

You now have access to the GPT-4 API
As part of the general availability of the GPT-4 API, your OpenAI organization (org-##############) can now access GPT-4 models with 8k context size via the existing OpenAI API.

You can learn more about GPT-4 in our API documentation.

It might perhaps be due to the amount of payments you’ve already made? I have no clue though.

It’s not every paying customer but they will be prioritized by date I assume. It was just added to my account I forgot existed which paid a bill in March of 2022.
You’ll get an email confirming it when it happens: “You now have access to the GPT-4 API”

I’m having the same problem. How Can I solve it?

OpenAI announced yesterday to make GPT-4 available to all API-Users.

With other companies I made the experience that when they announce something, that it really happens. Is this different with OpenAi?

The announcement said that it would be granted right away for all API users who have paid at least 1 bill, i.e. if you have either not used your account or not used it sufficiently to generate a bill yet you will have to wait until the end of this month.

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I got the email that I received GPT 4 API access, but I am trying to call it in my apps and I am geting the GPT 4 doesnt exist. Should I wait more or is there an issue?

As the notice: Starting today, all paying API customers have access to GPT-4.
Today, I try to change the model from gpt-3.5-turbo to gpt-4, get the same error message reply: “message”: “The model: gpt-4 does not exist”. Cloud you please give some advice? I really wan to use the gpt-4 API for work, thanks.

Similar situations has been reported here GPT-4 has been announced to be available for all API-users, but it is still not available for me

I’ve run into the same issue, man. Can’t wait to get my hands on that GPT-4 API.

Hey @jswny, there was also a min $1 threshold which is likely why you did not get access.

@saschaaa looks like it was ~ year ago which might have caused this. I went ahead and granted access.

@paulkiragu621 hang in there until the end of the month!

@JustinC it’s every paying customer who spent mote than $1, no date prioritization.

@delete it’s all paying customers who have spent more than $1.

@Foxabilo correct ^ Thanks for jumping into these threads.

@yixelo this should be resolved now.

@jachin.choi you have no successful payments on your account, so access will be granted at the end of the month.

@wsy1073710317 you are on an Explore tier account and not pay as you go so access will come at the end of the month.

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Thanks everyone for chiming in, as I mentioned in a few other threads, I am super excited to see everyone get access to these models. Stay tuned and thanks for being patient as we work to expand access!

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