The requested model 'gpt-4o' does not exist

Deposited $50 in account but calling create assistant API through python SDK returns “The requested model ‘gpt-4o’ does not exist.”. Calling list model API does not have gpt-4 or gpt-4o in the list either


Changing to “gpt-4o-2024-05-13” yield the same response saying requested model does not exist. Like I said, non of the gpt-4 models show up in the list model API.

The purchase of the first credit takes a bit of time to take effect, in both funding use of models, and in unlocking GPT-4 series models.

The time period of delays I’ve seen anecdotally has been nearly a day in some cases. Like the 12 hours that have passed since this post.

If you still can’t use the GPT-4 models, I would generate a new API key in the organization, ensuring that all permissions are left “allow” when saving.

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