Could not create agent: 400 The requested model 'gpt-4-1106-preview' does not exist


I have an old aged account which has access to GPT4 and also several billings for API.

I created an organization on this account, then I invited a member as owner. The member is another account of mine, the one I’m writing from which doesn’t have access to GPT4 on

Then, I quit the organization with the old aged account. Is this impacting the availability of models on API call? There’s a weird bug coming after 24 hours of this change:
with the same API key, when I run my SaaS locally I can create an agent with Gpt4 and retrieve threads etc etc, while on deployed app I cannot.

Is there any issue with API now? or is this something on me?

The worst thing is that I can see gpt4 turbo available in playground (from this new account) even if I don’t have GPT Plus as I’m still in waitlist.