Won't let me Use Default Mode now I have hit usage cap on GPT 4?

I’ve just upgraded to ChatGPT premium so forgive me if I’m being stupid, but I just realised it caps you after a too many messages. The little banner at the bottom has a white box that says Use Default Model, but I can’t figure out how to actually continue the chat with the default model. At this point, I’m willing to just use the default, but I can’t figure out how to do so without opening a new conversation. I need continue with the chat I’d started with GPT4


You are not being stupid, this worked before but they appear to have broken the feature in a release. It’s driving me insane. You have to start a new conversation with 3.5 and lose all the context you created in the discussion.

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Alas no, I am not. I decided to just wait it out in the end, wait for the three hours to be up

Same, here. I used 30 gpt4o prompts and 1 gpt4 prompt and it hit the cap. I thought it was combind usage cap of gpt4 and gpt4o. Soon, I found they are seperated with 80 prompts for gpt4o and 40 prompts for gpt4 for 3 hour time window. I’m having hard time, too. I didn’t paid for 1 gpt4 prompt every 3 hours. I don’t find the report tab in the menu which was used to be there. So, I report the problem, here.