The open ai crew is not helping me at all

For the past four weeks my account has been suspended. I can’t gain access to my account billing or to do a refund.

It was suspended for inappropriate content. Yet I keep on telling them it was my sister who was the one doing it.

Apperently she was inspired by some youtubers she watches. I want to gain access back to the ai playground and to my presents on there.

Yet all the people I talk to on the stupid help button keep on saying the same thing. And not helping me gain an appeal.

I’m getting tired of this whole situation. I just want my account to be no longer suspended. And to use the ai playground once again.

Please help.

If a person could be unbanned by just inputting the correct sequence of words into a messaging widget, it wouldn’t be much of a ban.

It’s gone. Create another account. If you have difficulty in it, Reddit janitorai forum will be more helpful.

So their all gone. My presents on the playground. My stories. My money. All gone…

I didn’t misused it, I only used it to help me write my stories when I had writers block.

But it was my fault for not keeping an eye on my computer. That was my mistake. I own up to it. Looks like I’m just gonna write my stories on my own for now on.

Thank you all for helping me.

I should have guessed that everything was gone from the start.

I imagine you were using the playground to set the system message. You don’t need to do that anymore. You can just use GPT plus’ (Actually I don’t know if this is a plus feature, but I have plus.) Custom Instructions option.

Step 1.

Step 2.