The new and improved @OpenAI developer quickstart just dropped

The new and improved developer quickstart just dropped

Logan is looking for feedback on the quickstart guide, if you’re new to the API (or just fancy an interesting read) and make use of this guide then please feel free to drop your comments, suggestions and thoughts on how this new guide works for you.


Part of the pain seen on the forum is questions that come from those with no experience in programming, yet think their first effort should be to program one of the more advanced artificial intelligence models around.

They ask that AI how to program and get some engine=davinci code.

The linked page, a guide that has to start at “how to install Python” instead of “do you have the core competencies to develop an application?”, “does your hosted virtual server allow you root SSH to install databases to manage your own customer accounts and their conversations?” is just going to bring more user frustration.

I really like the fact that he added this line in the tutorial:


This was one of the most confusing parts for me, which was how to print the response.

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Isnt that the point of the community? To help others and share knowledge. Give and receive thats what makes a community thrive and worth being a part of. Its undeniable people are very excited about AI and its even more undeniable that this will be the greatest technological evolution in history greater than internet or blockchain etc. But people should do their research as much as possible… But thanks for your input too I appreciate it.

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