Welcome to all the new faces!


Today, I released a video talking about OpenAI opening up to the public!

I wanted to personally welcome everyone
who’s going to be experimenting with GPT-3 and joining the community over the next few weeks.

The OpenAI Beta is a friendly, awesome community of people who are passionate about building, writing, and sharing their experiences with GPT-3.

You can introduce yourself at the forum thread created here:

My biggest lessons for GPT-3:

  • it’s all about imagination and your skills (to an extent) as a writer
  • find ways to write smaller prompts and get the same results
  • learn to break your difficult prompt scripts into smaller sets of sub prompts
  • GPT-3 doesn’t like rules
  • few shot is always better than zero shot
  • always search the forum first before asking a question

Pro tip: book a meeting for free with an OpenAI ambassador to get feedback on your ideas and learn more about using the platform. They are experts and here to help.

My top resources: