OpenAI Tutorials, our newest docs section, is now live!

The new OpenAI tutorials section of our docs :bookmark_tabs: is now live!!! :tada:

More tutorials coming soon.


Thanks this is amazing.

Is it possible to have tutorials on Nodejs?


Thanks for the update. I’m waiting for new content.

Would be amazing if you guys could work on libs that make 95% of all operations workable, client-side

Would open the API to

  • Single page applications
  • Progressive web-apps
  • Browser extensions

Microsoft and most crypto wallets are already migrating off of servers, and offloading CPU & databases, on to the client

Think, native P2P applications communicating via web APIs, and handling most of the heavy lifting on the client.

Most things done in c++, python or other languages can now be done in WASM

See here:

Chrome supports all of this (not sure about mobile), and Microsoft, Google, & Apple, are all using the chrome engine now :wink:

I think Opera too…

Get someone on the team to research this topic if needed, and supply you with feedback.

MS is the king of cross language/platform compilation (and they pretty much own: GitHub, Visual Studio, and typescript)

Look up:
Roslyn, IL, NET6, blazor (pretty cool, but not catching on)

Since you guys are close to MS, this should be easy-peasy :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are interested in Nodejs, you definitely should upvote this issue: NPM package · Issue #22 · openai/tiktoken · GitHub. It is an important missing piece to support this technology better.


I really like your first tutorial OpenAI API! We need more such complete descriptions of how to solve specific problems using the OpenAI API. Great job!

Small note: I miss summary of all requires steps on the beginning of the tutorial, something like this:


Some tutorials on how to use the Node.js openai package with Dalle-2 would be really helpful. Unless I missed something, the current docs on that endpoint are kind of sparse.

Link to the code in this tutorial OpenAI API is broken

This should be fixed, the folder structure changed in the Cookbook over the weekend.

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@dan.avila7 I have just found that there is already a pretty nice fork of the original OpenAI tiktoken repo, porting it to WASM target with the interface for both Node.js and Browsers: GitHub - dqbd/tiktoken

Available already on npm: @dqbd/tiktoken - npm

The author mentions his recent work in the issue linked by @konradk

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Fantastic. The tutorials are indispensable and enlightening. Thank you! =]

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