The connection between the account and the models

If someone has uploaded a model to a public platform and it is accessible to others, I can still use it for normal chats as long as the platform hosting the model remains active and available to me, right? However, if the account associated with the model is deactivated or the platform decides to remove the model for any reason, could I lose access to it or it would still be available there?

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You tagged this as ChatGPT, but then you use the word “model.”

When you mention “model,” which one are you referring to?

  • Fine-tuned model
  • Custom GPT

It would be helpful if you could provide a specific example.

Okay, for example, I created a custom ChatGPT namely “The DumbGPT”, however, the account that associated with the “DumbGPT” has been lost and will be unsubscribe from the Pro version a few days later. So my question is, if I create a new account with Pro subscription, do I have the ability to continue use the"DumbGPT" on the store anymore, because, I have uploaded the “DumbGPT” to the public and it could be access by everyone.