How do we backup the custom GPTs


Okay, for example, I created a custom ChatGPT namely “The DumbGPT”, however, the account that associated with the “DumbGPT” has been lost and will be unsubscribe from the Pro version a few days later. So my question is, if I create a new account with Pro subscription, do I have the ability to continue use the"DumbGPT" on the store anymore, because, I have uploaded the “DumbGPT” to the public and it could be access by everyone.

As far as I am aware it is not possible. I personally would just save the prompt in a text file.


No, according to a forum post (What happens to your custom GPT (that you made) if you stop paying for ChatGPT Plus? And other questions) from OpenAI’s community, if you stop paying for your ChatGPT Plus subscription, the custom GPTs that you made will be deactivated. It’s not specified whether they are deleted, but they will be unshared. Furthermore, you will no longer share in any revenue generated by these GPTs.

They aren’t deleted when you discontinue paying for a Plus account, just delisted. Enabling your Plus account reenables them.

For how long will they be kept? Indefinitely?