The ChatGPT web interface is not accessible to blind users

Dear community,
I am starting this topic to bring attention to the fact that the web interface of ChatGPT is currently lacking in the area of accessibility for blind users because most buttons are unlabeled.
Background: An unlabeled button will be announced simply as “button” by the screen reader. There is no indication to a blind user what the button does when activated/clicked.
I have contacted support and was told the issue has been forwarded to the appropriate team and would be addressed promptly. This was months ago, however, so what definition of “promptly” applies here is anyone’s guess. Another valid question is whether any human being has even seen my request.
The sad fact remains that the interface does not conform to current accessibility standards, and that it would have been easy to address most of the problems by labeling all buttons. I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to deduce what this oversight implies.
Can anyone confirm my findings? From your own experience, does it work better with certain combinations of browsers and screen readers?
What other channels besides contacting support can and should we use so that this inclusivity issue gets the attention it deserves?
I use ChatGPTPlus for work so this problem is impacting my productivity.
Best regards,
Felix Grützmacher

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