⚡️Survey - how are you getting chats?

For those of you getting chats, where are they coming from.

please comment what is working for you!

1. Referrals from your plug-in
2. Your website/business
3. Paid advertising
4. Social media posts
**5. Other **

Please comment your experience!

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If you want the actual answer to “how to get more chat’s” it’s fairly easy.

Just focus on making you GPT the best it can possibly be, and people will find it useful and return to have more conversations :hugs:

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  • Referrals from your plug-in
  • Your website/business
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media posts
  • Other - Please add reply to explain
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Note: Poll created by moderator; its a free service. :slightly_smiling_face:

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