Support GPTs with different domains

I am able to verify multiple domains successfully, but whenever a new domain is verified, it appears that the new domain replaces the previous domain on all published GPTs.

I was told in the other forum that this is expected behavior, but it seems kind of crazy that you can verify as many domains as you want, but when you associate any GPT to any domain, it changes the domain on all GPTs.

I really hope this is a bug, but if this is intentional behavior I would implore the OpenAI team to support multiple domains for GPTs. This is critical as we have different audiences and customer/consumer/enterprise/developer stakeholders.


Did you get any update? Same issue here…

No - I haven’t heard anything else yet from OpenAI on this except for the email that the GPT Store was delayed and that they would support multiple domains … although I have read that others have taken that vague statement in other meanings, like supporting multiple domains in the actions/auth which also only work in the context of a single domain

There are multiple bugs about the domain.

  • A newly created domain will not show in the list, I have to refresh the page.
  • Cannot switch between domains
  • Some other bug on the UI

I write a feedback but they say it may be my browser’s issue…

I have the same issue. I have multiple domains.
I have configured the appropriate GPTs bot for each service.
I want it to be exposed as a domain so that my real name is not exposed in it.

  • If leave a single domain, it will be changed to that domain.
  • If I have multiple domains registered, it will not change when I select the one I want.
  • Sometimes it does, but it changes all the domains across all the bots.
  • I verified the TXT, but it still says to verify.

Yes this seems like an obvious issue. I have a variety of GPTs I want to have available, but they are all in different domains. I have verified all the different domains, but yes, if I change one, it changes all. Makes no sense to allow multiple domain verifications but only one for use on all GPTs. OpenAI, please change this ASAP

This is still an issue and I’m also experiencing it. Have two verified domains for my two completely different working realms with entirely different audiences. Can neither switch between my verified domains, nor publish GPTs under different domain names. What’s the point in being able to add and toggle multiple verified domains if we can’t use them?
In addition, now also unable to toggle my billing name off. It would be great if all these builder profile issues were fixed.

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I’m having the same issues as well. Since we are able to create multiple GPTs and add multiple domains, you’d think each GPT would be able to publish under different domains.

Did you find a work around yet? It seems like the only way currently to have GPT correctly matched to a specific domain is to set up another account, which makes zero sense for developers like us, as some of us have many GPTs. Let me know if you figure out anything.

Did you find a work around yet? Let me know if you figure out anything.

support multiple domains for GPTs: Same issue here . Any fix soon?

Should you create different accounts for this. This is really weird you can’t have different domain for different gpts. This is a big problem for us developers