Suggestion to add for Chat GPT

This is the most urgent feature. Please add this as soon as possible.

Context (Used for computer programming and code generation). There is a lot of scepticism around chat GPT answers, the ai is able to explain things very well but doesn’t always get it right or know if the answer is actually helpful, in a lot of cases, it sounds helpful but really isn’t (more complex bespoke questions). I suggest they add some kind of feature that hints whether the answer is trustworthy or not. I assume a lot of cases, chat GPT cant find the exact answer, but cant just say " I don’t know", so it gives you wrong information that’s closely related to your question. If they added some kind of feature to certified the answer it would be able to give the user a heads up on whether the information provided will work or is a shot in the dark.

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GPT has been amazing for sure. I would love if we could have a “search” through all the chats feature. This would help a lot in finding the important stuff from historical chats.


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it would be good if we could save a current conversation as a sort of “configuration file” for future chats. the bot takes information and stores variables etc during interactions and it would be good to not have to reset them with every conversation. after some time chatting, the conversation window becomes laggy due to it’s large size, and opening a new window can have 10-15 minutes of catching up with the bot so he understands everything that is happening and the intricacies of your conversation - uploading the entire conversation again would make it laggy, but perhaps if we could take the current chaat file and save it as something to upload and give to the bot as an instruction for the new conversation window, that would be helpful

I was just going to say the same and found you here! We need this! Enhance the navigation in the past chats, and it is so annoying when it fails for some reason and conversation stops, we have to start a new chat!

add a way to collapse different sections of the chat. it would make it easier to organize conversations. also add folders for chats and a way to select chats to delete multiple at a time

Remove the so-called dynamic usage cap. Instead, make it fixed for all users; if ChatGPT-4 says you can only generate 40 messages, then you should be able to generate at most 40 messages. At the very least, show an actual counter for the number of messages you can generate for each three-hour period.

Can you add the favorite or pin system in chat gpt that will be super useful

I have a suggestion, i think adding the ability to pin your chats would be a very convenient feature, small update but i believe this can be a very handy ability for us to have

To send the output of the chat to a specific person/storage after prompt the requested.

To search with keywords functionality would be nice so you can find any related topic easily .

To mark responses from ChatGPT with numbers so that it would be easier to refer to the previous responses from ChatGPT in current chat topic