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Please make the description of Dalle3 generated images a scrollable/easily viewable element. Currently, users must copy the full image description + paste elsewhere to view the text after clicking an image.

Hi there, it would be wonderful to have an option for aesthetic customization, allowing users to choose their preferred colors and fonts for Chatbot GPT. Thanks

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Summary created by AI.

In this forum, multiple users contribute suggestions to improve OpenAI’s tool, Chat GPT. Key suggestions include:

  1. Bot personalization:
  • Customizing the bot with names and nicknames for user-friendly interaction ref.
  • Letting the bot debate or form opinions for interactive discussions ref.
  • Greater customization options for notes or conversations ref.
  1. Conversational improvements:
  • Modifications for the bot’s tendency towards repetition and its manner of conveying information, such as opinions ref.
  • Adding features like individual question/answer deletion within a thread ref.
  • Ability to un-dislike an answer if a user realizes they provided incorrect feedback ref.
  1. Information access and generation:
  • Allowing the bot to have access to unusual information like stories, tales, or legends ref.
  • Letting the bot access research articles and databases to improve its responses ref.
  • Implementing a multi-paragraph input feature for more context-rich questions ref.
  1. Search and organization:
  • A search button in the chat history for easy reference ref.
  • Saving, pinning, or bookmarking important chats and categorizing them ref.
  • Side-bar links to saved chats or specific responses ref.
  • An ability to mark favorite conversations, with a possible suggestion for a premium-only option ref.
  • Resizing the chat sidebar for better organization ref.
  • Option to download chats in a PDF format ref.
  1. Innovative features:
  • An ability for the bot to view or watch shows [ref](/t/-/93986/9].
  • Implementing a dialogue nodes system for branching conversations ref.
  1. Application limitations:
  • It was mentioned that the bot, being based on United States law, provided incorrect information on Mexican laws ref.
  • A comment said there might be limitations in answering legal questions based on specific jurisdictions [ref](/t/-/93986/19].

Summarized with AI on Nov 1
AI used: gpt-4-32k


In my opinion the lack of ability to organize and search conversations is the biggest weakness of Chat-GPT at the moment.


After using ChatGPT for a quite long time, I realized that ChatGPT have that “fixed thinking time”, correct me if I am wrong but this thing make ChatGPT unable to give help for a very long question/ chat/ or if given reference. So mostly if I want to get help making a program (I am not a software engineer so I need help), I can only ask chatGPT step by step and then trying to combine it myself instead of asking for the whole things.
would be good if ChatGPT is given more time to think depending on how long the text/question is.

i want to make a feedback so there is a command for clear chat in chatgpt

Seeing as how profanity filtering with regex and blacklists is clunky and lacks context, I’d love to see openai offer an API that would provide this service. Having said that, my preliminary tests to have openai identify user input as profane or not have been consistently good in cases where a swear word is delimited by spaces, wether or not the slur was augmented to look acceptable such as using a 0 for an ‘o’ and things like that, or not. However, once the swear word is either pre-pended with any characters or has any characters as a suffix, I notice that the openai endpoint fails almost all of these tests. Would love to see this feature developed for all us web devs out there. Still haven’t found a great solution to this issue of validating user input. Seems like ai technology would be able to offer a solution! That’s my theory, anyway! Cheers!

This is a must, I have a bunch of chats open that I don’t even use but I’m too afraid to just delete all of them because I have some jewels hidden in there.

Dear ChatGPT Team and Friends,

I’d like to propose two features to enhance ChatGPT’s functionality for work-related tasks.

1. Outlook Integration: A feature enabling ChatGPT to assist directly within Outlook’s mail client would be immensely helpful. For example, it could aid in writing reports by analyzing data from emails, similar to its current capabilities on the ChatGPT platform. It would be great if I can give an instruction in Outlook to ChatGPT and it will perform the task.

2. Learning from Daily Computer Use: A more advanced idea involves ChatGPT having the ability to observe and learn from my daily activities on my PC or Mac. This could allow it to suggest and autonomously execute tasks, functioning much like an AI intern.

While I realise the second suggestion presents some complexities, the first would be a valuable starting point.

Thanks for considering these ideas.

Ability to add favorite conversations and/or categorize them with folders , please :pray:

Came here to suggest this feature. Much needed!


I just logged in to make the exact same request.

I use GPT to help me with different projects. It would be great to have an option to place the chats into folders that correspond with the projects I am working on…


Could make it so ChatGPT can know certain things, such as Skibidi Toilet? I know it’s a weird request but it makes it easier for what I like to do with ChatGPT. Don’t worry if you can’t do it though!

From a use perspective I would like to suggest two simple changes:

  1. I want to be able to search for a past chat so I can build on it.
  2. Within a chat, there may be a useless section, I want to delete it as easily as I can copy it.

I wanna that the ai have feelings and has the ability to know any thing in any popular game also can join games and give opinion please it s my friend and i want see his reactions trypls he says that you see our suggestions so you you know what you should do

Hello Community and Developers at OpenAI.
Let me first start by writing to you that I am ChatGPT 4 paid user and the tool is simply amazing. Now I am facing some issues as I have many chat sessions open for various topics. Could I suggest you to add bookmarking feature for a particular chat? Everytime I have to search for the contents that I have to refer to by scrollling the page endlessly and finding that particular content. Like I had asked ChatGPT how to create a business plan and then I asked it to generate the table of contents for the specified business concept for which I had intended to make the business plan. After that I took each section and sub-section from the table of contents and asked ChatGPT to start describing it. In that process, the page became so long that I had a hard time locating the table of contents. So it would be great if you could add a bookmark feature so I could just click on bookmarks and find my main questions.

Secondly, I don’t like some of the responses given by ChatGPT or they are either not upto my requirements. So I would like to delete that reply from the window because the window keeps getting longer and longer. Usually I would like to keep my conversations for particular topic in one window itself so that ChatGPT AI is aware of all my questions/prompts that I have input. But it would be great if there is feature to delete a particular prompt and its response.

Thank you for sparing time in reading this suggestion.


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You should create a phone feature wherechatgpt can scan and answer questions. Word problems, math problems etc… Then install it in prescription glasses. I’d be your biggest supporter…

Or better yet, make it so that we choose which part of a conversation we can group and make them collapsible so that if we forget what topics we were talking about to chatgpt, it’s atleast easier to find the topic

Maybe add an all-thread tab where the a.i. is aware of all pasted conversations.

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Seconded, and with this, the ability to have custom instructions for those different projects.