Custom GPTs: Let's Create a Wishlist

Hey everyone,
we’ve now had more than a week to fiddle around with the new custom GPTs and to make our first experiences on what works, what doesn’t, what they are useful for and what could be improved. I thought it might be a good idea to collect our wishes and suggestions, for the devs to hear.

Furthermore, seeing what other people wish for may provide interesting insights into how others are utilizing this emerging technology. Let’s gather these wishes and suggestions to help us all make the most of custom GPTs.

I’m gonna start:

1. Documentation/Information
I would love to be able to give users some more information and/or a guide on how to use a GPT. My more useful GPTs are often more useful, because they are instructed to react in a certain way to prompts etc. However, only me, the creator, knows how to prompt these GPTs and what their capabilities are.A couple of more sentences below the description, or maybe behind an info icon, could add a lot of value to GPTs.

2. Key:Value Buttons as “conversation starters”.
In some of my GPTs I use the conversation starters to “configure” my conversation, or rather to add conversation-specific context. It works great, but the prompts are much longer than the available space in the buttons and not completely readable. For example for my Vue3 GPT Users should be able to tell the assistant in the beginning which syntax etc. to use. So far I have a conversation starter:

Composition, TypeScript, <script setup>: Provide all code examples using TypeScript and the Composition API with the <script setup lang=“ts”> syntax.

As you can see, I had to put the key information at the beginning as a workaround. I would love to instead have a “TypeScript” button or similar that injects a certain prompt.

3. Delay the conversation naming
Building on the previous point: I think the automatic generation of the conversation title should be delayed, when a conversation starter is used. With the example above, all conversations are called something like “TS Composition API examples”.

4. Action Buttons
I think it might add great value, if there were configurable action buttons. Like the conversation starters, just not only at the start of the conversation, but all the time. Simply a button that injects a prompt. It might be tricky to integrate this neatly with the UI, but I am sure you’ll figure something out;)

Well, I’ll just keep going:

5. Better stats and ratings
I’m sure there is stuff in the pipeline with the marketplace incoming. But for now: The number of recurring users would be super interesting as it is a much better indicator for the usefulness of a GPT than simply the number of conversations.