Suddenly downgraded to free

Some already report that it is fixed for them on discord. Though clearly not for everyone yet.

I am having this same issue too! It keeps downgrading me to free. Also, I cannot cancel my subscription now.

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I have been having the same issue. I feel cheated in that they have charged me twice! I thought it was a bug and so I paid again, but now they make it such that you cannot cancel your subscription even! This is stealing!!!

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Currently experiencing the same issue with my account as well. As a note I sub’d on feb 11 and have not been billed since but have had access to all features and the premium flag on my account.

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Same issue with me. I clicked upgrade to Plus for a second time after being unexpectedly downgraded to free (despite still having a Plus membership) and I’ve been now billed twice with two separate (but identical) subscriptions on the same account. Waiting for an email response.

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This issue of ChatGPT subscriptions downgrading seems to have been resolved for me.

Same issue for me. Upgraded on Friday and sometime on Saturday night I’ve downgraded to basic. Hopefully it comes back

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Somehow I just got downgraded on a paid account. I hope somebody is reading this.

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I will cite the OpenAI employee who finally found the root cause of this bug and announced it in OpenAI’s discord yesterday morning:

Hello all! The root cause of this was pinpointed and affecting a subset of users. If you experienced this, please send me a DM with your account email address.

I’m sorry for the issue here and greatly appreciate your understanding that we are a growing product.

I DM’ed him on discord and the issue was fixed for me, also I was refunded and got 1 month for free as a result:

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I have a paid account and was just downgraded. Annoying

I was downgraded like 2 weeks ago and have been trying to get in touch. Today I got billed for this month, anyone can help me with this regard?

Normally renewed the subscription and all started to work. In the ChatGPT at the bottom, just clicked on Upgrade to Plus. Works well.

Hi. This bug is still present. Was charged the renewal, but dowgraded to free! WTF?

See this status page incident

this is issue is ongoing - hard to believe OPENAI leaves a festering problem for months unaddressed. My entire history is inaccessible, as well as GPT-4

Same problem appeared about 15 minutes ago.

@Crypto_Blinder that is likely due to ChatGPT being down right now, my OpenAI work account says the same thing, follow along on the status page: OpenAI Status - ChatGPT web & mobile UIs unavailable

Hi, I have an annual subscription, tried logging into my account same as usual, and it looks like my account was downgraded to free and all my previous chat history has been deleted. Can someone please help?!

There is no annual subscription.

What do you think you’ve subscribed to?

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this happened to me today. How do you even contact Open AI about your account?