Suddenly downgraded to free


I was a happy Plus user, since 1 month, just recently 2 days ago my Visa card has been successfully charged for Plus subscription. And suddenly this morning I discover that I was downgraded to Free, without any reason or notice. Yesterday evening it was all good, I had Plus, now this morning suddenly not anymore. And I don’t understand why. The web interface now suggests me to upgrade to Plus.

Even though when I click the button “Manage your subscriptions” from the billing mail, then the opened page correctly shows that I have indeed Plus, no issues at all. But I don’t have it.

So what’s wrong, why suddenly no Plus anymore, even though I just paid for it and the payment went through without any issues? I’ve sent a mail to Wondering whether they would even reply or do anything about it. Because this looks like a crazy bug to me.

P.S: I am in Gr-D of Luxembourg.

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omg, so was I. Do you get any reply yet?

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Same here, msgd through the platform, no response, weirdly this happened after signing up for the waitlist for GPT-4 (might be a coincidence)

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Oh well, so I am not alone. It is a bug probably. At least I would expect it to be it. I wrote to them by mail 4h ago, so… I wouldn’t expect any answer anytime soon (if ever).

chat from discord, in case you missed

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Oh, I see, crazy! So I am really not alone then.

This isn’t from the official discord of ChatGPT? As #bug-reports doesn’t exist there.

Update: just found it, it is OpenAI discord. Thank you.

I’ve the same problem too, can I know where I can get updates?

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I’m also having this problem. If anyone has found the solution please leave a reply!

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Same, no response from support. Hope support will recognize this.

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Same here! at least i am not alone… trying to get any support for several days and no response! Frustrating how a paying customer is treated.


I’m having the same issue. Really frustrating

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The support email notoriously doesn’t reply to anyone, so if the bug isn’t eventually fixed, you’ll have to look towards contacting your bank. I haven’t experienced this bug but I hope it gets fixed for everyone affected.

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Replying to myself to let people know that the problem resolved itself for me. OpenAI never responded to any attempts to contact them through their website or email, but I just checked and I had Plus access again.

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Same for me… 2-3 hours access, then gone.

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Seems to be back up this morning for me.

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Not for me, but something is quite messed up:

Chat is at capacity right now, and i was able to get a plus subscriber login link:

Your ChatGPT Plus account gives you access while services are capacity-constrained for free users.

But after login, i am not plus.

Maybe that helps for a solution!


It is clearly a bug in their backend, and they are indeed investigating it. This can be seen in OpenAI’s discord. Some of OpenAI staff is present there and asks all those who have this issue to DM them their account’s email.

This can be seen e.g. here.

…where you can find such a phrase, coming exactly from someone from OpenAI’s engineering team:
“Folks in this thread, can you DM your email that you used with chatGPT if you’re seeing this issue?”

There are even multiple discord threads there, on this same topic, and not one, but few different OpenAI members who ask exactly what I just cited above, in these threads.

Yes, there is much more activity in their two official discords ChatGPT and OpenAI. The latter has #bug-reports, and tons of threads in it.

It’s a very cheap subscription for what it offers. However that’s not the point I get that

Some already report that it is fixed for them on discord. Though clearly not for everyone yet.