Subject: Issue with Downloading Zapier Plugin in ChatGPT-4

Dear OpenAI Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Nassim Rehailia, and I am encountering an issue with the Zapier plugin in ChatGPT-4.

I am trying to download the Zapier plugin, but I am facing difficulties. The plugin appears and grants authorization, but after that, nothing happens. It does not download, and I cannot proceed further.

This issue is preventing me from utilizing the full capabilities of ChatGPT-4 in conjunction with Zapier, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving it.

Please note that I am a French speaker, so I apologize for any language barriers that may arise in our communication.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. I look forward to your guidance on how to successfully download and integrate the Zapier plugin with ChatGPT-4.

Best regards,
Nassim Rehailia

Hi @nassim.rehailia

Plugins/actions don’t really download and can only be installed on a ChatGPT account.

Here’s the step I saw when setting up the Zapier Plugin: (I went with drafting email)