STT for multi language is broken since GPT 4o

STT for multi language input has been broken since GPT 4o released

Now, when you speak in 2 or more languages it will bug super hard and:
1-Translate everything to one of the spoken languages randomly
2-Not transcribe anything except one language
3-Write everything as it sounds instead of picking up the language.
4-Just translante everything to English even if none of the spoken languages was English

This never happened to me before May. This makes practicing languages or real tiem translation imposible.
I have tested this on several phones and all have the same problem.

An example
If I wirte: <<Tell me if this sentence is correct in spanish: ‘me gusta hablar español’>>
The posibles transcriptions based on the options above could be:
1-<<Tell me if this sentence is correct in spanish: ‘I like speaking Spanish’>>

2-<> or <<Me gusta hablar español>>

3-<<tel mi if this sentence is correct in spanish me gusta hablar español>>

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