GPTs voices on app aren't working well

Hello everyone! My selected voice isn’t working on my “GPTs” chat. Is it happening only to me? There’s only a standard voice actor, even with the correct voice selected. On the normal chat, it’s working normally.


I have observed the same behavior. On the iOS app, my selected voice works only in normal chat. In my personal GPTs, I have a female voice

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was wondering last night if we will be able to create gpts with custom voices! are you telling me that you’ve created a custom gpt with a custom voice?

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No! There’s a “standard” female voice in all GPTs, not the voices that I’ve selected. The voice is a little bit “cold” as well; it doesn’t have too much entonation and variation like the others.

Exactly the issue that i’ve experienced here.

Yep, I have the same issue. I have no idea how to fix that. It’s very annoying.

It would be great, if one could set the preferred voice in the configuration tab of the individual GPT.
And it would also be good, if we could use the smartphone apps to edit the gpt without having to resort to the web browser.

This was mentioned in a few other threads. It seems like a bug, at least I certainly hope it’s not intentionally locked to the single voice. If you exit the chat after the first voice response, then go to the entry created in your history for it and interact again via voice, it then uses your preferred voice.

I also agree that the custom GPT voices sound very cold and lack personality, especially the single female voice it defaults to and gets stuck on right now. While another voice sounds slightly more lively, even injecting personality into the custom GPT instructions seems to be forgotten and I have to remind it to follow the rules/instructions.

I select one voice , it gives me a different voice . I uninstall the app reinstall, power off , power on , confirm voice , gives me incorrect voice again. Been giving incorrect voices all day 05-20-2024