Constant errors and crashes

I’m really dissatisfied with the acquisition of the GPT4 model, it’s crashing a lot, there are several errors, it’s causing a lot of stress in development due to the amount of crashes and slowness, it should be better than 3.5, don’t you think?

the model 4 I can hardly develop with it due to the inconvenience caused by the constant and continuous crashes day after day, minute after minute, I am really dissatisfied with GPT 4.

Before they speak, I have already given all the instructions you have already asked for.


estou realmente insatisfeito com a aquisicao do modelo GPT4, está travando muito, varios erros, esta ocasionando muito estresse no desenvolvimento pela a quantidade de travamento e lentidao, deveria ser melhor que o 3.5 voces nao acham ?

o modelo 4 quase não consigo desenvolver com ele pelo transtornos gerados pelos travamento constantes e continuos dia apos dia, minuto apos minuto, realmente estou insatisfeito com GPT 4.

antes que falem ja fiz todas as orientacoes que ja pediram.


Absolutely agree. Just tried to analyze csv files, getting constant error messages.

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My strategy is that my app API lets the user choose if they want to talk to OpenAI, or Perplexity, or Gemini, Llams 3, etc. so that if one of them starts failing I can just go to the other temporarily. Also if I have a super important question I’ll ask all of them for an answer. Can’t put all your eggs in one basket or else you create a single point of failure.

EDIT: Also I use Langchain or HTTP directly so I’m not tied to any specific company. If you use OpenAI’s “GPT” you’ve locked yourself permanently to OpenAI when you could’ve maintained independence.

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I haven’t personally used ChatGPT 4 yet, but I have heard a lot about this. ChatGPT 4 can be crashing a lot at times. It might be because of how much you have talked back and forth with ChatGPT in some chats, or it could be your PC that are causing these problems. I myself am not saying that it is personally your fault that this is happening. I am just providing some context on what could be causing some of these problems. It could be the AI itself, which is very likely. I don’t really know what could be the problem. ChatGPT 4 could definitely be better, in lots of ways. Just be sure to check out what else might be causing the problem just in case something else could be factoring into this, and it could help you with this a lot.