Still no GPT-4 Access. Applied to Waitlist 3x since April 3. Paid Account Since June

Hi there, I’d like to start by saying (1) I’m aware that I am not the only developer in this situation (2) I’d like to believe that the Open AI team is doing everything in their power to rollout GPT-4 API access to all developers as quickly as possible.

That said, I’d like for someone on the Open AI support team to reply to my inquiry, as my weekly / bi-weekly support messages have been left unanswered for months now.

I first submitted a GPT-4 waitlist application on April 3, 2023, and again April 17th and June 21st. I know it’s unideal to submit multiple waitlist apps; however, I didn’t know what other course of action to take when all my support tickets from April through August were left unanswered.

I was under the impression that I’d be receiving GPT 4 API access by end of July, given that I have a paid account, on which I’ve accumulated some usage over the past few months while testing - but I still don’t see the access has been granted, even with our meeting the established requirements.

Please confirm how we can get access asap, as we are launching our GPT-powered product soon, and require GPT 4 prior to launch, as app performance on GPT 3.5 is not workable. Thanks.


Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

GPT-4 API access is being rolled out to developers as capacity becomes available, there is no longer a need to apply for a waitlist since the end of July so this will be automatic, but it depends on available compute and system load, so there is no set time scale, hopefully it is soon for all developers.