No access to gpt-4 api even after one billing cycle of more than 1 usd

As per the title, my account has no access to gpt 4 api even after 2 dollars of spend in July 2023. The help section refers to a waitlist that is no more active, so writing here to get an idea of the timings.


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The GPT-4 API roll out is ongoing, developers are being onboarded as quickly as possible as capacity in the system becomes available, it’s a balancing act between allowing more users on the the API endpoint and maintaining service performance.


Hi @Foxalabs :wave: To over-index on being clear (as others are also asking around forums/reddit/Twitter) → If a user leverages GTP3.5 API for $1+ in usage charges, those users can expect to get access to GPT4? Does that occur on a rolling basis or only after the billing period for that person ends?

(note to others reading: you may have a $5 promotional credit if you’ve signed up with past 3 months. In the above case, you’d have to spend that $5 + $1 actual from your own pocket, if I’m reading other forums correctly!)

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The $1 API bill requirement was for developers prior to July 6th. I can’t say definitively whether spending $1 on API calls may be a requirement of some future announcement, but it is not required at the moment. The GPT-4 API is being opened to new developers as capacity and load permit, I see new developers every day being granted access, so it is ongoing, Hopefully all developers gain access soon.

Thanks for the reply @Foxalabs :clap: Got it; there hasn’t been a ton of clarity about the $1 vs. access. Thanks for that. Is there any way to determine place in line for GPT4 access?

There is currently no way to determine place in line, it could be some database index value or it could be based on past usage, anything would be speculation.