Still encounter "unable to load history" after “Degraded performance on ChatGPT” resolved

Seems that OpenAI team has solved the issue “Degraded performance on ChatGPT” on 31 Aug.
However, I still see the “Unable to load history” and can not create a new chat on computer. It’s been 3 days since it happened and I am Plus user. Does anyone get the same issue after 31 Aug? I did clear the cache and relog in but it did not work.

Hold down “shift”, press “reload”. See if you get the “ChatGPT August 3 Version” where reversion (backing out ChatGPT Enterprise?) was the fix.

Seems that I get August 3 version, it shows below the message box. Is it related to the problem

That’s the version working just fine for me. I was just managing my old conversations. It named a dog Bark Obama.

Being elsewhere in the world, you might get to a different datacenter or a localized problem.

Thanks for the reply, I got this problem on the specific computer indeed, but still hope that this issue can be fixed…

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I have the exact same problem for a week already. Same conditions as you

It’s been a week and still the same. I think there are other people still have the same issue too, is it possible to let OpenAI service team to know that there are multiple users encounter the same issue?

I haven’t found a way. Today my history finally loads, but when I enter a prompt it just goes “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”

I ask ChatGPT what I should do on my phone. One of the things is “erase cookies and cache”, which I try. Then go back to the beginning. Now the history is not loading…

The problem has been solved today, ChatGPT works well now in my browser of the specific device, though Idk why and it’s been almost 2 months…