Still encounter "unable to load history" after “Degraded performance on ChatGPT” resolved

Seems that OpenAI team has solved the issue “Degraded performance on ChatGPT” on 31 Aug.
However, I still see the “Unable to load history” and can not create a new chat on computer. It’s been 3 days since it happened and I am Plus user. Does anyone get the same issue after 31 Aug? I did clear the cache and relog in but it did not work.

Hold down “shift”, press “reload”. See if you get the “ChatGPT August 3 Version” where reversion (backing out ChatGPT Enterprise?) was the fix.

Seems that I get August 3 version, it shows below the message box. Is it related to the problem

That’s the version working just fine for me. I was just managing my old conversations. It named a dog Bark Obama.

Being elsewhere in the world, you might get to a different datacenter or a localized problem.

Thanks for the reply, I got this problem on the specific computer indeed, but still hope that this issue can be fixed…

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I have the exact same problem for a week already. Same conditions as you

It’s been a week and still the same. I think there are other people still have the same issue too, is it possible to let OpenAI service team to know that there are multiple users encounter the same issue?

I haven’t found a way. Today my history finally loads, but when I enter a prompt it just goes “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”

I ask ChatGPT what I should do on my phone. One of the things is “erase cookies and cache”, which I try. Then go back to the beginning. Now the history is not loading…