Sometimes, responses given in ChatGPT disappear

I have observed a peculiar behavior with ChatGPT where messages that were previously written and appeared to be finalized can disappear upon exiting and re-entering the chat.

For example, I have engaged in extensive conversations and upon leaving and later returning to the chat, I notice that responses provided by ChatGPT several messages back, or even the most recent response, can be missing.

The messages that I have sent remain visible, but the corresponding responses from ChatGPT have vanished.


I am experiencing the same issue. It mostly happens when using GPT-4.


Same, same! I’ve been having this problem more and more frequently. In almost every long thread, at least one (often 2-3) ChatGPT-4 response is missing, usually in the middle of the convo. I can’t discern a pattern!

But it’s never at the beginning or end. And all my responses remain, so I KNOW I didn’t hallucinate the back-and-forth. :smirk:

It’s only ever after I reload the chat on a different day… but I use the long threads as reference docs while coding, so I REALLY need 'em to persist! :neutral_face:


I had this happen in several GPT-4 conversations (via the ChatGPT GUI) in March too. Was anyone able to get OpenAI to restore their missing GPT-4 messages or are they gone forever? Was really hoping that OpenAI would acknowledge the issue and restore the missing messages (if possible).