Some Brainstorming and Project Ideas

Inspired by the GPT-4o event and technology update, I would like to share some brainstorming and project ideas.

When I used to play tabletop RPGs, my friends and I would often draw our characters, items, costumes, equipment, creatures, monsters, villains, battles, settings, and situations from play.

We also made graphic novels – by hand, the old-fashioned way. It was a time-consuming hobby and, from my perspective, having to draw each panel manually detracted from rapidly authoring and sharing stories.

Project idea 1: Uses of generative AI for creatives to make and share graphic novels.

Project idea 2: GMs can, today, use generative AI to rapidly prepare artistic resources, before sessions, to share with players during play. In the near future, AI assistants (provided with input materials from GMs, players, RPG vendors, adventure vendors, etc.) could listen to groups’ play sessions to provide them with real-time generated (and subsequently editable) multimedia content.

GM: Together, you march through the dark forest, pressing forwards into the darkness, brushing aside debris, and then, through an opening, you stumble upon a clearing… and a green dragon! (presses button on laptop)

AI Assistant: (generates and displays a 2D/3D photorealistic picture of the players’ characters, from behind, in a clearing surrounded by woods, facing a tremendous green dragon; camera slowly pans, revealing 3D effects)

Players: Cool!

Project idea 3: While there are AI-enhanced tools for character sketching, co-authoring scripts, and co-creating storyboards for (linear) stories (e.g., Boords), and, while there are tools for designing interactive stories (e.g., Twine), I could not readily find AI-enhanced tools for co-authoring, analyzing, and illustrating forms of interactive stories such as choose-your-own-adventure stories, digital gamebooks, or choose-your-own-adventure graphic novels.

Project idea 4: A new approach for co-creating stories with AI involves human authors or authoring teams as GMs for groups of designed AI players/characters. Recordings and transcripts from resulting adventures could be used to produce linear stories, illustrated stories, graphic novels, and/or videos.

Project idea 5: Building upon idea #4, adding instructional components, analysis and evaluation components, we can envision software for GM and/or improvisational theatre practice and training, also using AI players/characters.

Any thoughts on these ideas? Any (related or unrelated) project ideas to share?