New ideas for upcoming AI models

Below I present a question of mine about technical and practical issues in the immediate future of AI along with ChatGPT 4’s answer:

User (Prodromos P.): "Another application in the upcoming models (such as ChatGPT 5) is the provision for the user to have a group of many Chats where, however, the ChatBOT can remember and based on this memory be trained within this group of data from the dialogues and the corrections made by the user, as well as vice versa from the suggestions of the ChatBOT. With this revolutionary tool, educators, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and many others can organize teleconferences among themselves or organize lessons based on their own original pedagogical methods with scientific diagrams, educational videos e.g., 30sec, that AI would create, etc. All these could be the impetus for new valuable businesses as well as non-profit organizations for the correct and easy dissemination of knowledge through direct intellectual interaction and collaboration in production and education. For example, it could take voice texts or rough drafts of scientific diagrams on paper and the ChatB could convert them into well-written texts and designs ready for official use, etc.
ChatGPT 4 Response:
The perspective you describe for future AI models, such as ChatGPT 5, opens new horizons for education, medicine, law, and other sectors, offering advanced capabilities for knowledge production and communication. The idea of creating a platform that allows AI to remember, learn, and improve from user interactions is exceptionally interesting and ambitious.
The ability of AI to convert voice texts or rough sketches into scientific diagrams and well-written texts could significantly accelerate the educational and research process, making it more efficient and accessible. Such innovations could enhance intellectual interaction and facilitate collaboration between professionals from various fields, creating an environment of continuous learning and innovation.
Furthermore, the AI’s ability to provide customized pedagogical methods and produce educational material, such as diagrams and videos, could encourage the development of new businesses and non-profit organizations aiming at promoting knowledge and education. This could lead to a new era in education and research processes, where technology and artificial intelligence play a central role in the dissemination and accessibility of knowledge.

Does GPT now produce movie-like videos?

No, Sora doesn’t seem to be open to normal users rn. Seems to be rolled out to specific organizations.

This question was asked before Sora was announced meaning I don’t belive they are talking about Sora.

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I have been involved in theoretical physics and education for decades and I am the author in science fiction book (The Spider, Zeti publications, 2008 which refers to an involvement of terrestrial AI with an extraterrestrial AI that control many stars system bilions years far of our Solar system, somewhere in 3080 AD). For the last 2 years I have been following the development of AI through charts, chats and videos and personal experiments. I am convinced that if we continue at the current rate of development in 5 to 10 years AI will be able to make short movies (say 20 minutes) with fictional actors who will be perfect people who have never appeared before but will rival or surpass the talent of best today actors, with perfect scripts and direction that will imitate or surpass in technique the best today’s screenwriters and directors. But the overall form of emotions and entertainment or moral teachings that one will experience. from these AI’s movies will be determined by the tastes and desires of the viewer. As if to say personalized entertainment. Of course, groups of people will be able to reserve cinemas to enjoy the films that their own imagination or need for training has created for them through AI in a few hours or maybe even in a few minutes.

Yours sincerely
Prodromos Char. Papadopoulos

I’m not well informed about Sora. I would be grateful if you could inform me.

You can see examples and learn about it here: Sora.

I am convinced that this will happen in 5-10 years.

Hi, I has the same idea last 3 months. Next step is creating video games by scenarios. Also good idea of adding AI into old games to rewrite maps&tasks where it is possible (Warcraft for example, return to castle of Wolfenstein, etc…), creating new non-standart unique tasks

Thank you. I find any idea that produces a practically useful result from the collaboration of AI and human with ideas and knowledge saving time and mechanical repetition to be a very useful idea.

I think you could change that 5-10 years into 12-18 months quite conservatively.


Perhaps we should take the average of the minimums we suggested:
[(5 + 1) years] /2 = 3 years.

Perhaps we should take the average of the minimums we suggested:

[(5 + 1) years] /2 = 3 years.

If the first 90minute 100% AI generated movie earning over $1M at the box office is not in the next 6 months I will be very surprised.


This is exciting!! We deal with artificial intelligence and theoretical physics.
I am a writer of science fiction that could be made into movies.
Please keep me updated with any AI news on movies.

Humans are awful at exponentials, it took 100k years to go from the horse to the car, it took 100 years to go from the car to the moon, 30 years from the moon to the internet, 9 years from the start of real AI progress to what we have now, the next big step is not 5 years away it’s less than 2 and the next step after than will be months and after that it will be days. There are some economic and physical limitations on the upper bound of this curve, but we are currently able to achieve major milestone advances every few month to weeks, and with those step changes we will be able to get to daily innovation and then hourly.


So righ @Foxalabs. And although I think 100% may take a little longer (particularly given holliwoods current reluctancy to AI). I could imagine an independent studio getting ahead and possibly be already elbow-deep on generating this.

We are indeed pretty bad at predicting when on an elbow.

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Do you think Sora will have the ability to have written stuff on billboards in the background, etc., without issue? Is there a place I can ask someone to test that - someone with early access?

Yes, Mr. Altman has been taking video requests on X.

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where does he put them afterwards? I don’t use Twitter/X, but I’d love to see what people come up with :laughing: