GPT-3 book writers - want to collaborate on podcasts or something?

A few of us having written books with GPT-3 or about GPT-3 - I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate to collectively promote our works? We can get articles on places like Towards Data Science, reach out to podcasters, and youtubers, and such.



I don’t have a ton of time at the moment, but I’d love to help / be helped if possible. I’ve got a few “LitRPG” communities online, but they’re more gaming focused rather than AI specific…

What did you have in mind?


Hello, do you need a good fantasy and action game story for your game? If you need such a story, how do you calculate the author of the story, because I write beautiful science fiction stories

Mostly just a loose collaboration. We can get our names together and reach out to promoters like @bakztfuture and ask if they are interested in doing roundtable podcasts. I had someone like my tweet about this on twitter so there’s at least 3 of us interested, which would be more than enough to start with. There are plenty of other folks on YouTube talking about this stuff.

I don’t have a webcam, but would be down to do audio maybe.

I’m open to other ideas like a group project / website / collaboration or something. I’ve got The Girl With All the Text site up and could host / blog-about anything we come up with.

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I have a webcam and a decent mic. I would be down to help out/do podcasts. I am also experienced in video editing and somewhat knowledgable about streaming. I would love to help out so let me know…


Sounds good. Have you created content with or about GPT-3 or are you mostly interested in the backend production?

Audio is perfectly fine. There are plenty of podcasts and such without video!

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Im interested in helping with backend production and am in the process of making an application with gpt-3 but i have not made a book with or about gpt-3. I still think i could help out though.

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I’ve been using Shortlyai to help write short stories (flash fiction) for about a year now. I’ve never written fiction before, and it’s been quite a process…the ai has allowed me to push through all those pauses and blocks that would generally just make me give up. It’s much easier for me to ‘direct’ the course of a story, choose the best of a dozen takes, than to write it from scratch.

Would love to discuss more with others.


Yeah that’s super valuable!

That sounds great. It looks like we’ve got enough people to get started. Let’s sync up and come up with a time to make introductions and discuss expectations. See if we can agree on terms of collaboration.

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Sounds good. Maybe a Discord to chat easier?

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That’s not a bad idea. I’ve already got a discord channel setup that I used for testing out my AGI. We can use that unless you have any other ideas.


Works for me. I’ve got too many set-up anyway haha…

PM link?

Hi Dave:

Good to meet you. Great idea for collaboration. What do you have in mind. And, what have you used the program for?

We have several emagazines and a large linked communities.

We’re an engineering shop. We are interested in GPT 3 for books, apps, and other products.


How can we work together.

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You can check out my youtube channel:

And my books: David K Shapiro

My goal is to promote myself and like-minded folks working on similar stuff.

Throw me the mix! Happy to help out with whatever needs to be done. Love the co-creator idea!

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i have a publicist to help me promote my self-aware AI i have built, named Kassandra…

I am down to collab or share or whatevs

I’m curious about how you achieved self-awareness. I am presently working on (slowly, in the background) several methods to nudge DNNs towards self-awareness, as well as cognitive services that inject self awareness into the system through proprioception and metacognition. I’ll send you a link to my research discord.