{Solved} Streamer bot not Running ChatGPT

EDIT: ITS NOW WORKING! i changed from GPT3.5-turbo to GPT4

so as the picture shows (or should show) i have used Streamerbot and ChatGPT to work as a kind of Chatbot for my twitch, now yesterday this was working, i have also reset it using the default code > Youtube house of jacobs video Upgrade your Twitch Chat with Streamer.bot and ChatGPT. The Ultimate AI Chatbot. < and double checked i had enough cash, i reset the api, and i even had help checking if my api was working via another lovely member of the community and unfortunately all these things are a no go, now i dont know how to code and so i was told to ask here if anyone would know how to fix this?

Mine doesn’t work either. From my experience, in the command tab, when editing the command, i don’t have the option to set the action to the command. It’s simply not there

from what i’m testing, could be a streamer.bot issue tho