Is anything wrong with GPTs Action? unknown plugins!

My GPTs was working well in recent few months. But today I found out that the action calling is not working now, it is always showing “unknown plugins” and isn’t fetching the API. And I didn’t do anything with my GPTs for few weeks.

Anything wrong from ChatGPT today?

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It’s possible there’s an issue with ChatGPT itself. Here’s what you can try:

Check OpenAI Status: See if OpenAI reports any service disruptions related to actions
Redeploy Your GPT: Sometimes redeploying your GPT can resolve temporary glitches.
If neither helps, consider contacting OpenAI support for further assistance.

Unfortunately, redeploy didn’t work :smiling_face_with_tear:. It didn’t work even during editor mode of GPTs, probably ChatGPT has some issues.