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Anyone know when and how to access GPT Builder, or is this not available yet? And if so, is there a waitlist to sign up for get early access?

To create your GPT models, first, ensure you have an active subscription to the service. Once subscribed, log into your account and navigate to your settings. In the settings menu, look for an option titled ‘Explore’ and click on it.

Inside the Explore section, you should find the ‘Create GPTs’ or a similarly named feature. This will allow you to start the process of configuring and training your custom GPT models according to your specific needs and preferences.


I am currently a ChatGPT Plus subscribers, how will I access it?

I think you can find it under the “Explore” section on the side menu.

I do not see Explore anywhere in the settings menu, and I am a ChatGPT Plus member.

Check the picture try to connect on webpage not on phone app,

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Hello! I don’t have an Explore button, probably because I don’t have a GPT Plus subscription?
I would like to subscribe to GPT Plus, but I can’t because when I click on the subscribe button, I get a notification saying ‘You are on the waiting list’. Tell me, is this some kind of restriction on my account or does this apply to all users? How long can I expect access to GPTPlus to open?

Please note that there have been temporary suspensions of subscriptions. This is likely a measure taken for scaling purposes. It is anticipated that the service will enhance its capacity and subsequently reinstate the ability for new users to subscribe. Currently, it is advised to await further updates regarding subscription availability.

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