Since this morning ChatGpt won't work for me at desktop


since this morning ChatGPT has a weird behavior in everybrowser i have on my desktop. I have a paid account.

When i try to load it, it shows none of my chats.

If i type something it returns this error:
“Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”

On phone, app is working fine, all chats are loading and i can use the chat without any problem. Phone is on the same network just like my computer.

If i disconnect from my home network and connect my laptop to phone internet, chat loads and everything works fine.

I tried to write to support, using feedback option in chat, but it says that they usually need 3 days to reply, which is way too much. I have to get some work done.

Did anybody have similar issue like this and knows what might be the problem here?



This will likely take some of your own debugging to find out what is interfering with network connections to OpenAI backend services.

You can try a browser’s “developer tools” to see the network resources that are loaded when you refresh the web page of ChatGPT. Then look for errors that are thrown attempting to retrieve API resources that power ChatGPT on the browser.

It may come down to proxy settings or firewall software run by you, your appliances, or by your ISP or company.

A few minutes ago somebody from support wrote to my email, i will see what kind of solution will they offer.

It is a bit strange that i pay for premium version and then when problem comes up, i have to debug it. They should tell me what they need to solve the issue and i am more than willing to provide.

OpenAI offers a service that generally works for people, and you found that it is different connection methods that are causing a non-working scenario.

Without deeper inspection of what is actually going on, support can’t answer an example cause such as “it seems your employer is using a firewall product that is blocking our session authentication .json served from the Cloudflare gateway to by that appliance’s security policy. Your company administrator will need to place a whitelist rule on domains to avoid these false detections by using console management portal of the device.” – a problem caused by something they cannot “fix”.

I am working from home, so there is no employer or admin who set a firewall. It is either internet provider who added something new to their router remotely or maybe some small Windows update changed something on my laptop which then caused this issue.

I for sure didn’t change anything from last night to this morning, since i wasn’t working on my laptop at all.