Sidebar improvements: GPT re-ordering, description tooltip. Discoverability

It doesn’t take long for the GPT section of the sidebar to suffer the same problems as the list of chats.

The chances that users will want the the list fixed in the order added, with their most used ones possibly buried at the bottom of “More” is slim.

There’s a hamburger menu with only a single option, hide. Why not something useful like move to top/bottom? That would allow basic re-ordering, and less used GPTs could be moved, rather than removed entirely when they’re occupying the top spots.

Browser add-ons have added sub-folders and re-ordering many months ago (along with countless other improvements). It’s surprisingly that a company building AGI, can’t seem to get the basics of a web-interface right. :man_shrugging:

Also, once I GPT is pinned the only way to know anything other than the name is to open it. Descriptions should appear in tooltips when hovering.

As with plugins, discovery is poor for GPTs as there’s nothing as basic as :+1::-1:. There’s a bubble to indicate how many times feedback has been sent to the developer, but was it good, bad?
No one knows. It’s essentially the only metric to gauge usage (aside from Trending), and more could = better, but what if it’s just a bunch of users reporting the same bugs/problems?

Assuming OpenAI has reasons for hiding the user count and other metrics, at the least it could allow an option to sort search results and category lists by usage…


Being able to drag-and-drop reorder GPTs would be great. Users should be afforded the ability to manipulate their interface wherever sensible.

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