[Side-project] GPT-3 Powered Todo List

What would a virtual assistant look like in the form of a todo list?

Here’s a little proof of concept I made a while ago.

You can check out the demo video in the link below:


Some core features:

  • :card_index_dividers: Automatic categorization
  • :bulb: Suggest tasks based on context
  • :zap: Smart actions (suggest a reminder, link to a relevant website, add contacts …)

Happy to hear your feedback! Had a lot of fun exploring this!


This is great! How often do you use it for your own productivity management?

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Well, not just yet as it isn’t hooked up to a database to store the todo items.

But I do plan on further iterating on this a bit more. :slight_smile:

Hi Falko

This is amazing…thanks for sharing. We are developing a free application for diabetes patients, using an AI assistant to help take medications, eat healthy etc. We are currently working on a feature for to-dos, and this could be perfect for that. Could you share more details or the github repo link, to see if this could be utilized for those patients? Thanks in advance!