How I built 'AdminGPT', an AI-powered administrative assistant using OpenAI's Assistant API

Are you looking for a robust example of how to develop an Assistant with functions using the new OpenAI Assistant API?

I couldn’t find one, so I added helpful documentation to the repo for AdminGPT, an AI-powered administrative assistant that integrates with your email and calendar. AdminGPT is similar to Microsoft’s Copilot, only better because it integrates both your email and calendar, and includes more functionality.

In addition to showing how to build an Assistant from scratch, the repo’s documentation also includes examples of robust functions to interact with an email and calendar system. Automation interfaces such as those offered by Zapier do a good job of getting information from other systems, but usually lack the necessary prompting, and support functions to implement anything beyound basic functionality.

If you’re interested, the following notebook walks you through how to create an Assistant from scratch, and let’s you run AdminGPT on your system.

AdminGPT: Your AI-Powered Administrative Assistant, powered by OpenAI’s Assistant Framework

I hope this helps folks working with the Assistant API!