[Sideproject] GPT-3 cooking assistant - making recipes based on the ingredients you have at home

Hi guys!

I’m back again here with another “tiny demo”. :smile:

I’m actually planning on creating a small series of tiny GPT-3 sideprojects in the hope of inspiring other people to bring their GPT-3 sideproject ideas to life, so I hope you guys don’t mind me sharing these projects on a regular basis and my findings while creating them.

Here’s some of my key takeaways on this one:

:white_check_mark: It’s basing it’s structure on the (1) sample recipe given in the priming

:white_check_mark: When it can’t figure out a proper recipe it will often try to fallback to using parts of the priming recipe

:white_check_mark: Obviously, the more your ingredients lean toward a probably already existing recipe, the better the results

I’ve posted a more in-depth analysis in the Twitter thread for those who are interested.

I hope you enjoy these just as much as I enjoy making them!

Of course any type of feedback is welcome.

You can check out the little video demo here:



Great and funny idea :smile: Which tool do you use for the frontend?

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See the favicon. Should be nuxtJS :thinking:

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NuxtJS indeed! :smile:

It’s a Vue based app.

Hi, do you have github?I wont to do some thing like that in russian gpt ru.

Hi Dmitry welcome to the OpenAI community!

This app is not open-source or public right now, but I’m willing to help you get on the right track to build something similar. Just send me a PM and let’s talk!


This is cool! Thank you for sharing.

Nice work! Did you use flatlogic.com?

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Did you build it from scratch or did you use a service like flatlogic?

Hi @mp thank you! I’ve built this from scratch. Haven’t heard about flatlogic, but it looks cool as well. :slight_smile:
This is built with Nuxt (Vue.js).