Working on a helpful collaborative virtual assistant

Hello OpenAI community :wave:t5: my name is Muta , I’m an entrepreneur and I love automation. Just a little bit about me I’m not a professional programmer, I have a working knowledge of python. I’d say I am a builder and a No Coder(Zapier/Integromat expert).

I run a premade graphic design website for musicians/rappers looking for cover and album art for their music.

I’m attempting to build a conversational virtual assistant that can do helpful tasks using any application its trained on. I am working towards having it do real work in my business autonomously.

I use applications like Shopify, Klaviyo, Sheets, and Docs, I’ll be training GPT3 to control these programs through their APIs, and also the frontend for collaborative work.

Check out this Hello World, demo video to see rough work in progress.

My prompts in the video are not very conversational because the examples given are short.

I believe once I start training you can just have a casual and fun conversation with the bot and get it to do tasks you’d like it to do.

If you have any ideas, working on the same thing or just would like to connect, send me a message.