Sharing some stats on the Stories plugin

I’d like to copy iamflimflam1’s example, in which iamflimflam1 shared stats for the Chess plugin, and share some early stats from our Stories plugin. Here are our stats:

In short, we went from producing about 100 stories per week on an average week to 3,700 stories per week, in two weeks. It looks like a classic step function change.

Usage is pretty international:

The plugin is pretty basic for now (it makes illustrated stories based on a prompt) but there are lots of ways we hope to improve it. Here are some organic third-party reviews. Try the ChatGPT Stories Plugin | StoryBird

Thanks to those on this forum that supported our development and to OpenAI for building such a cool system.

Special shout out to @deepme987 who led development. We’re hiring plugin and API developers, so please DM me if you’re interested in working with us.


Here’s a better view of the step function change:

*On June 11, we suffered a partial system outage, which is why the figure is lower.