Sharing some stats on my Chess plugin

I’ve written up a post with some stats on usage of my Chess plugin - ChatGPT Plugins - First Impressions and Stats | atomic14


Thanks for sharing these stats. I’d been hoping someone would! I plan to share our stats once our plugin gets approved.

Well that’s a load off my mind. I’ll certainly be giving your plugin a try. Thank you for sharing such useful stats.

I had to come back here are share. Goodness me, google is nowhere near as generous as AWS as and I will put together a post soon on my own website. But I’m expecting hosting to cost me close to $100/month. I mean I’m dealing with generating images, but I didn’t think I’d be that much more compute intense. I’ll likely go through and try and optimize so I can have a lower specked machine running it through google cloud run.


Cloud run is pretty good, but it can have quite bad cold start times if you let it scale down to 0 instances.

Thank you so much for sharing,it is really helpful! would you mid to share how you get the stats from the plugin usage? since I am stuck on this part!

I’ve got logs from my backend that have all the requests coming into the API and I’ve hit the database that keeps track of the games that have been played.