Basic Statistics for the Plugin Store

I put together some basic stats on the plugin store. It shows character counts for fields and a breakdown of auth types. It will give you some idea if you are in typical range or are an outlier. I’ll see what I can put up for spec files next.


Very useful! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

That’s super interesting. Thanks for sharing, Shane!

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Shane, are you aware of whether OpenAI add plugins to the store one by one, or do they batch add them on certain days?

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That’s a good question. I have not checked if this is the case. I’ll verify over the next couple of days and respond to this thread.

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It would also be interesting if you had the updated version of this graph here:

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The graph and table for plugin growth is now updated as of today.

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Would be interesting if you can also analyze the open API spec and see how many endpoints are typical.


I can add a breakdown for

  • openapi spec versions used
  • character counts for title and description
  • stats on number of paths with breakdown by post, get, delete etc.

Would that be useful?

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That would be really interesting.

I believe that fewer paths is better in terms of getting the model to behave. But it would be interesting to see what people are actually doing.

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I did see a plugin get listed yesterday afternoon and then another one this morning. So it looks like they update throughout the day. It could still be batched but its more than a daily batch.

Would anyone be so kind as to tell me where the plugin store is actually accessed? Is this free for all to browse?

If you are a ChatGPT plus subscriber you can discover and install plugins through the ChatGPT UI. If you just want to browse plugins w/o a subscription, you can check out them out at the link below. ZapVine is not an official site, I’m just pulling in the catalog data for viewing and search.

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Thanks Shane! Appreciate the quick response :slight_smile: