Set up payment plan screen not working

I’m trying to set up a payment plan (primarily so I can use gpt-4) and am trying enter the credit card info into the pop-up box. In the billing address area of the entry screen there are dropdown menus for country and state. When I select United States from the Country drop down, the State field is erased. When I select Maryland from the state drop down, the country field is erased.

I’m on a MacBook running Sonoma. I’ve tried this on both Safari and Chrome. I’ve also tried it on Safari on my iPad Pro. Same problem in all cases.

Thanks in advance for helping!


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As something to try, please use the Firefox browser. If that does not work then also try using your mobile device as a hotspot to avoid using the current wifi or cabled internet in case that is a cause of the issue.

Firefox will be of little help. You can’t even log into with it. I closed all my browser windows and even lost the session that was working again for a little while.

Tried it on Firefox, I also experienced the same error.

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Exact same problem. The form is broken lol

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Same problem here. Hope it can be fixed asap

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Having the same problem on 2 computers and across 3 different browsers.

Looking for commonalities, are you all on apple hardware?

It also happens on Windows 11 with Chrome. And happens in incognito windows with all extensions disabled.


Tested on Apple and Windows. On Apple was in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Windows was Chrome.

I’m having the same problem. It clears my billing address when I select the state. and it clears the state when I select a country. It is very frustrating.

It is also happening on the preferences page when I try and update the business address. We have tried Windows 11 chrome and edge, MacOS safari and Firefox.

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Looking at the fact that a number of people all had the same issue at the same time, this makes it look like a temporary bug with the page, OpenAI could be performing maintenance or it could be an as yet unknown issue, if you can make sure that you all go to and use the bot in the bottom right corner to report the issue that will make sure that the support team are aware of the issue and hopefully a speedy fix can be implemented.

Its been 18 hours and the form is still broken…not able to add a payment method to my account because, setting the country clears the state field and setting the state field clears the country…do you have an ETA on when this can be fixed.

i been trying to put in payment method for week now, it says declined , i called my card and they say you turned me down because of address, i checked my ip and it says its in Ill. im in Mi.

OpenAI support likely meant that your mailing address is not completely filled out in your billing preferences to match the card.

Customer service got back to me and the issue seems to be fixed now.

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No it’s not fixed. I’m still having the same problem accessing the payments page, even though I am a Plus subscriber.

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Hi, I subscribed an 1 year plan for OpenAI, payment worked but my account was not upgraded to PRO. So I tried a monthly plan and it worked, now you think they will extend my plan automatically one day or have I to ask OpenAI support?

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OpenAI do not do a 1 year plan or a “PRO” account. I think you may be using a non official OpenAI site. The correct site is

I just tried to do the same on an iMac (latest OS), with Chrome and FF… multiple times with no success. This is very peculiar. You’d think that payment processing would be a high priority.

Please help.