🚀 Selection Criteria and expected traffic / scaling strategies

The other day, I submitted my ChayGPT plug-in for consideration in the plug-in store. I’m uncertain about the specific criteria that determine whether a plug-in will be accepted into the store.

I’m also interested in understanding the potential traffic that my plug-in could receive if it is included in the store. My announcement on Reddit has already garnered significant attention, with 100,000 views and several thousand messages about helping beta test it. This response suggests that there could be a substantial user base for my plug-in, and I’m trying to estimate the number of users and plan for the necessary system scalability.

To address the anticipated traffic, my current strategy involves utilizing a Cloudflare load balancer in conjunction with multiple Python Flask nodes. This approach allows me to scale the system effectively by simply adding more nodes as needed.

My subreddit is


Hey @ruv, getting added to the store today would not give much jump in traffic given that Plugin access has not been widely rolled out. We plan to share some of these details with the plugins that are selected in the next and forth coming rounds.

Also, to level set expectation, given some of the functionality your plugin provides, I would not be surprised if it does not get selected. The ability to randomly pick a public API could lead to some potentially bad outcomes for users. This is not an official response, just what my instinct tells me given our desire to keep users safe.

Rate limiting / oAuth are the other suggested scaling items.

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Now that plug-ins are more public and available can we expect traffic organically from search for our plug-in?

Other Plugin developers have has success with a combination of plugin search and social media, the search function certainly seems to get a of use.

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Thank you. Do you know which sites are best for advertising?

You’d need to look at your market and understand where your demographic spends time, personally, I’d look at the larger platforms twitter, insta, tiktok, but those might not be suitable or have cost effective CPC for your application.

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Thank you I will try that. I have a research application so I assume my demographics would be college-educated individuals or graduate school educated individuals they may be less on Instagram, but perhaps more on Reddit maybe. It may be trial and error but thank you for the great advice.