Generating traffic to plugin that was approved

Hello I am new to plug-in development and I just submitted my first plug-in to the store which was approved. I’m wondering if people are actually getting users organically simply from searching and finding the plug-ins within the store. Is it necessary to run paid advertising campaigns to the plug-ins?


Hey mate!

Congratulations on getting your plugin approved :tada:

You’ll always get some users organically from people searching the store, at this time I wouldn’t consider running any ad campaigns.

But there’s multiple ways you can improve the visibility or credibility, making sure you have proper contact & legal information is a must, and having a decent website definitely helps too.

From that point on its mostly depends on what functionality your plugin provides, if your plugin provides cooking recipes, it would help with a few recepies on your website. If you decided to make some kind of research assistant, as so many people have done, you’ll have to work on convincing researchers to use it, which may require a totally different approach.


Thank You N2U. I am getting it looks to be about 50 users a day on my first day. I plan on having a well designed site and easy to access terms of service. Is it true that users access the website first before install. In addition most of my users as of the first day seem to be sending 3-5 requests , with only a handful hitting the paywall (5 uses). I am wondering if whether design needs to be improved or whether its a waiting game for the first paying customers ( charging 1.99 per month for unlimited uses)